“Coding along” videos are trap don’t fall for them

Sumon Chhetry
2 min readSep 6, 2021

It’s been 2 + years since I started coding and this may sounds frustrating to know that coding is not very easy and getting a job is also not a piece of cake.

There’s a lie which almost all the coding instructor is trying to sell you which is “coding along” and you will learn a lot.

I have tried the “coding along” approach and it literally numb your mind to think and figure out the solutions.

It’s more useful to find a solution through googling then following an udemy course and build the exact same copy of all the projects which the instructor show you to build.

The challenges you face while building a project without a coding along tutorial is where the gold is.

You have to go through that pain and frustration to build something and then only you will be able figure out how to become a developer without the udemy courses.

Because when you will be working in office or building a freelance project they won’t ask you for those same projects shown in the coding along tutorials.

I’m not saying udemy courses are bad or not useful, whatever I know about coding is all thanks to udemy but I became too dependent on those coding tutorials which is why when I try to build something with HTML and CSS I feel lost.

Because it was always like there’s video playing and I was coding along and it worked like magic. I felt like a genius while following those recorded videos. But I never tried building something all by my own.

So if you are thinking about making a library of udemy courses then go buy all the courses you want.

If you want to actually learn something in and out and use it professionally then buy one course complete the course and take a lot of notes build projects without the help of that course and evaluate where you are and go through the concepts and clear those doubts once again if you have any.

Follow this process if you want to become an independent developer who knows how to code because following “coding along” tutorials will never make you confident.