Focus on honing the skills and the perks will find you

We all enjoy thinking and dreaming about all the perks we can have once we have a particular skill and become expert in it.

We get so busy dreaming that we forget the most important aspect which is honing the skill and doing the work.

Even I have made the same mistakes while getting into web development, I was totally focused on chasing the perks like remote jobs, lucrative salary and cool work setup.

But the main part is not so cool honestly, in any field you work, the work part is mostly tedious, not so shiny and glamorous. That’s why people never talk about it.

But skipping the tedious part and aiming for perks and glamour is not the solution. We have to focus on the tedious work and do it very well and if we do it well enough then only as a result we will receive all the perks. That’s it folks

So have an eyes on prize but don’t forget what will get you the prize.



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