Let your work do the talking

Sumon Chhetry
2 min readOct 6, 2021

Talking about what you can or will do is totally different than showing up and putting the work out in the world. Sharing your work with the world is a process. It is actually pretty brave of you if you are sharing your work with public. If you are doing it already, you have my respect.

Sharing your work with the world has it’s pros and cons for sure but you are not scared about all that. You are here to learn and create in this world and you are doing everything you can to change your life and you are pretty confident that you can.

This is a long process for sure and you are ready to do it for the rest of your life, you are totally committed with it. That’s all that matters in end as you are doing things which you love. You doesn’t care about money, fame or success. You just do it cause you want to.

While all the other people are waiting for the “right time” and alignments of the stars you are doing it, surely there are days when you feel like shit and doesn’t want to get out of bed but you don’t listen to your lazy self instead you put in the work.

With time this discipline will bring you more than you can imagine. So I would ask you to keep doing what you are doing and keep inspiring people like me to show up and do what they want to.